If you’ve been following along with The Scoop: Weekly Wellness Edition for a while, you know that your imagination is the limit when it comes to at-home fitness. Chairs become benches, laundry detergent jugs become weights, and you become your own No. 1 motivator.

Without easy physical access to gyms and studios and the trainers that you love, the accountability falls on you, the individual, to keep going, to keep pushing, to keep making your health and wellness a priority. And when you need inspiration, you’ve got us. We’re here to bring you the recipes, wellness tips and workouts that you need at this particular time.



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Take 10 minutes today to do something that progresses you toward your health and wellness goals. Throw on your favorite workout gear, grab some water and start the week off with the fun, heart-pumping interval workout above! This quick, total body workout focuses on athletic, dynamic movements that are designed to help you work every muscle group using just your body weight.