Instagram is a great tool to increase your social media presence and grow your business, but getting people to click away from the app can be a challenge. With the right tools and strategies, you can drive traffic from your Instagram profile to your personal e-commerce website on and (hopefully) turn your followers into customers.

Link in Bio
The link in bio is the number one way to drive traffic from Instagram and it’s available to anyone. You can easily drive followers here from your posts by adding a call to action in your post captions. Want to link to multiple pages? Use a link in bio tool. When followers click your link, they’ll be directed to a single landing page with all the links you want to share. Some link in bio tools will also let you create a clickable version of your Instagram feed where you can add custom links.

Instagram Stories
Whether you have a large or small audience, you can drive a large amount of traffic from Instagram Stories using the clickable link sticker (previously known as the swipe up link). This feature lets you link to any destination directly from your Stories. Remember to add a call to action with an animated GIF or on-screen text to remind those watching your Stories to tap or click the link.  Learn how to bring your Instagram Stories to life here.

Instagram Video Descriptions
Unlike Instagram feed posts, you can add clickable links to Instagram video descriptions. For example, if you created a how-to video, you could link directly to each product used.  This makes it super easy for followers to click through to your personal e-commerce site and shop the products.

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