Want to squeeze in a workout but can’t make it to the gym? Take advantage of the exclusive Herbalife Nutrition Fitness Portal for all your at-home or on-the-go exercise needs.



Whether you’re looking to train with an athlete or practice some gentle yoga, we’ve got you covered with a variety of routines for all fitness levels. No equipment? No problem. Most of our featured workouts can be done using just your body weight!

Need more? When it comes to indoor fitness, think outside the box. Take your workout to the next level using things you already have on hand! Household items like canned goods, full water bottles or laundry detergent jugs make for great weight alternatives, while a sturdy chair or bench can be used for tricep dips, incline pushups and step ups. 

Check out our most popular workouts, and get your creative juices flowing, blood pumping and sweat dripping all at the same time!